Smokery – London Smoke & Cure Ross says “Hi everyone. It has been a busy

London Smoke & Cure: Smoked salmon

London Smoke & Cure: Smoked salmon

week up at the smokery having just concluded a few days of open house tours. We really enjoyed having people round and showing them all of the honest techniques we use to create our produce. In fact, we enjoyed it so much we’re doing it again. Come and let us know if you’d like a visit.

We’re also taking the first of our Christmas pre-orders which is getting really exciting. We’re offering a 10% discount for our Crystal Palace customers placing these before 12th December. Contact 0783 783 8241, [email protected], or come down to the stall and talk through what you’re after.

We’ve got our brand new packaging for our sashimi-grade smoked salmon which we’re rather proud of. We’d love to hear what you think so we can take it into account for other lines.

Plus we’ve got some glorious smoked cooking mozzarella, and some smoked camembert that’s just coming into its own. There’ll be smoked chicken and our famous smoked duck has 25% off for this week only. Along with a host of other bits and bobs, if you like smoked or cured food we’re sure to have something for you.  Cheers and we look forward to seeing you.”