News from Ross at London Smoke & Cure

Easter is here!

Here we are folks, just days away from one of the best celebrations of the year. And why do we love Easter so much? Well, it’s because the fun of it always catches us by surprise. It’s the long weekend, the relaxation, and giving yourself time to hang out with family. Brilliant!
And we’re here to help you just a little bit. Unctuous sausage (first bbq of the year?), decadent, celebratory smoked salmon, a little charcuterie to nibble on before a rich roast shoulder of lamb. Oh, and the cheese! We’re here to support all of your main events with little pops of flavour to make memories of Easter 2023 just that bit more special.  
This week, our chief market-meister, Lee, says:

I would like to recommend the Baron Bigod… This spectacular Brie-style cheese has a rich, earthy flavour and a lingering finish. Painstakingly made by hand in Suffolk with raw milk from Montbeliarde cows.  This breed is farmed in France for its superior milk, and used in the making of Comte and Vacherin Mont d’Or.


Have this cheese on a thick slice of olive oil soaked, toasted rustic bread, a spreading of the London Smoke and Cure Nduja, then some Baron Bigod, some London Smoke and cure Bresaola, then topped with some olive tapenade… you will be in heaven… trust me!! 
Workshop spaces – 6th May
We’re sold out now on the next few workshops but do have some spaces on our Salami Sessions workshop on the 6th of May. Come and learn all about great quality charcuterie before butchering, mincing, stuffing and tying a few of your own chorizo’s. And remember, all workshops come with a good feed too! 
Tasting events – more dates coming
We’re two events into our schedule and they’ve both been really great fun! If you missed out, have no fear, there’s more dates coming soon. So look out over the coming weeks for events at Track Brewery (Manchester), Hackney Brewery, Bianca Road Brewery, and at the Crystal Palace Wine Club. Can you spot the theme amongst those?
Subscriptions – Oh, the convenience. Oh, the value! 
Winging its way to our charcuterie subscribers next will be beautiful packs of bresoala (award-winning, of course), produced from great quality, ex-dairy cattle reared on lush, Yorkshire pastures. Yum! Next up for our bacon family in a few weeks will be our Smoked Black Back bacon. More detail on that to come!