Updated 31 Dec 2020

There’s been some changes to wholesale prices, so we’ve had to update our price list. Some things have gone up, some have gone down, most have stayed the same.

There’s a print out outside the shop to help you choose on the day.

With the supply chain still struggling, not all products are in stock at all times. We do our best!

Prices are subject to change.

If you would like to pre-order, please email us on [email protected], telling us:

* Each product you would like
* The weight you would like of each product
* Your name
* Your mobile phone number (we’ll text you when it’s ready)
* The date you would like to collect. Either Weds 2-7pm, Thursday 10-1pm or Sats 10-3pm.

Please don’t order on Instagram or Facebook – it gets very confusing trying to keep track of them.

We look forward to seeing you.

Love and lentils from The Store Cupboard crew. xxx


Beans, Aduki£ 0.39100g
Beans, Black Turtle£ 0.38100g
Beans, Butter£ 0.62100g
Beans, Haricot£ 0.34100g
Beans, Mung£ 0.47100g
Beans, Pinto£ 0.41100g
Beans, Red Kidney£ 0.45100g
Chickpeas£ 0.40100g
Lentils, Beluga (black)£ 0.62100g
Lentils, Brown£ 0.44100g
Lentils, French Puy£ 0.53100g
Lentils, Green£ 0.36100g
Lentils, Red Split£ 0.31100g
Lentils, Yellow Split£ 0.31100g


Amaranth Seed (Indian)£ 0.38100g
Barley Flakes£ 0.23100g
Buckwheat, Flakes£ 0.57100g
Buckwheat, Groats£ 0.31100g
Bulghur£ 0.33100g
Cous Cous, wholemeal£ 0.29100g
Flour, Doves Farm strong brown bread£ 1.89packet
Flour, Doves Farm strong white bread£ 1.89packet
Flour, Doves Farm fine plain wholemeal£ 1.69packet
Flour, Doves Farm self raising white£ 1.89packet
Fregola – Giant Cous Cous£ 0.59100g
Millet£ 0.33100g
Oats, Jumbo£ 0.20100g
Oats, Rolled (Porridge)£ 0.20100g
Polenta, gluten-free£ 0.31100g
Popping Corn£ 0.32100g
Pot Barley£ 0.26100g
Quinoa Flakes£ 1.58100g
Quinoa Pops£ 1.66100g
Quinoa, Red£ 0.79100g
Quinoa, White, British£ 0.70100g
Quinoa, Black£ 0.90100g
Rice, Arborio white£ 0.43100g
Rice, Black£ 0.81100g
Rice, Brown Basmati£ 0.51100g
Rice, Brown Long Grain£ 0.33100g
Rice, Brown Short Grain£ 0.35100g
Rice, Camargue Red£ 0.62100g
Rice, Jasmine£ 0.39100g
Rice, White Basmati£ 0.49100g
Rice, Wild£ 2.02100g
Rice, Wild Mix£ 0.62100g
Spelt Grain£ 0.36100g
Toasted Wheat Flakes£ 0.35100g


Almonds£ 2.30100g
Almonds, Flaked£ 2.22100g
Almonds, Ground£ 1.93100g
Brazil Nuts£ 2.61100g
Cashews, whole£ 2.73100g
Hazelnuts£ 1.75100g
Pecans, halves£ 3.94100g
Walnut Pieces£ 2.09100g


Chia Seeds£ 0.97100g
Hemp Seed Hulled organic£ 1.45100g
Hemp Seeds w Shell£ 0.47100g
Linseeds, brown£ 0.50100g
Omega Seed Mix£ 0.50100g
Poppy Seeds£ 0.91100g
Pumpkin Seeds£ 0.83100g
Sesame Seeds, Black£ 0.81100g
Sesame Seeds, Whole, brown£ 0.63100g
Sunflower Seeds£ 0.36100g

Dried fruit

Apricots, whole£ 1.21100g
Banana Chips£ 0.89100g
Coconut Chips£ 0.78100g
Cranberries with Apple Juice£ 2.15100g
Currants£ 0.98100g
Dates£ 0.90100g
Figs£ 1.15100g
Ginger, Crystallised£ 1.55100g
Goji Berries£ 3.00100g
Golden Inca Berries£ 2.84100g
Mango Cheeks£ 2.09100g
Mulberries, white£ 1.10100g
Prunes, pitted£ 1.86100g
Raisins£ 0.60100g
Sour Cherries, Pitted£ 2.29100g
Sultanas£ 0.70100g


Allspice Berries£ 5.55100g
Caraway Seeds£ 3.80100g
Cardamom Pods£ 6.40100g
Cardamom Powder£ 8.80100g
Chilli Cayenne Powder£ 4.00100g
Chilli Flakes£ 2.02100g
Cinnamon Powder (Sri Lankan)£ 4.60100g
Cinnamon Quills£ 7.44100g
Cloves, whole£ 6.07100g
Coriander Ground£ 3.96100g
Coriander Seeds£ 3.64100g
Cumin Grounds£ 6.64100g
Cumin Seed£ 3.88100g
Cumin Seeds, black (Nigella)£ 3.80100g
Curry Powder, hot£ 4.00100g
Fenugreek Seeds£ 3.64100g
Garam Masala£ 7.04100g
Ground Ginger£ 3.44100g
Mustard Seed Black£ 3.52100g
Mustard Seeds, yellow£ 3.12100g
Nutmeg, seed£ 9.60100g
Onion Powder£ 2.35100g
Paprika£ 4.76100g
Paprika, smoked£ 4.84100g
Peppercorns, whole, black£ 3.96100g
Star Anise£ 5.12100g
Turmeric£ 2.16100g


Basil£ 4.80100g
Fennel Seeds£ 3.64100g
Herbes de Provence£ 5.40100g
Lemongrass£ 2.39100g
Oregano£ 6.00100g
Rosemary£ 2.84100g
Sage£ 6.00100g
Thyme£ 4.80100g

Tea, herbal remedies & superfoods

Ashwaganda Root£ 5.40100g
Astragalus Root Powder£ 8.64100g
Baobab Fruit Powder£ 4.52100g
Bee Pollen£ 7.60100g
Cacao Nibs£ 1.51100g
Cacao Powder (raw)£ 3.04100g
Chamomile Flowers£ 6.00100g
Carob Bean Powder£ 1.80100g
Dandelion Leaf£ 4.40100g
Earl Grey Tea organic£ 3.20100g
Echinacea Purpurea£ 10.20100g
Eyebright£ 4.00100g
Green Tea Jasmine£ 6.71100g
Green Tea Sencha£ 5.80100g
Hibiscus Flower£ 3.15100g
Kelp£ 3.69packet
Lavender£ 14.11100g
Lemon Verbena£ 9.70100g
Limeflower£ 10.00100g
Liquorice Root£ 4.28100g
Maca Root Powder£ 3.20100g
Marigold Flower£ 5.80100g
Marshmallow Root£ 4.20100g
Matcha Powder£ 16.60100g
Meadowsweet£ 5.80100g
Nam Lang Black Tea (breakfast tea)£ 4.64100g
Nettle Leaf£ 5.40100g
Olive Leaf£ 6.50100g
Oolong Tea£ 9.00100g
Peppermint£ 4.20100g
Psyllium Husk£ 3.80100g
Raspberry Leaf£ 4.40100g
Red Clover Leaf£ 10.00100g
Rooibos Leaf£ 4.16100g
Rose Petals£ 31.75100g
Rosehip Shells£ 5.60100g
Spirulina Powder£ 8.40100g
Valerian Root£ 10.71100g
Yerba Mate£ 4.79100g

Liquids & jars

Almond Butter Large£ 8.95large jar
Almond Butter Roasted Small£ 4.25small jar
Almond chocolate spread£ 3.00small jar
Apple Cider vinegar£ 0.50100m
Balsamic Vinegar£ 0.99100m
Cashew Butter£ 4.45small jar
Coconut Oil, large£ 9.90690ml
Coconut Oil, small£ 3.90210ml
Maple Syrup£ 5.90bottle
Olive Oil£ 1.30100m
Tahini Large£ 4.75large jar
Tahini small£ 3.50small jar
Tamari£ 2.00100m

Other things

Coconut Palm Sugar£ 1.04100g
Coffee£ 3.75100g
Granulated Sugar, Extra Light£ 0.45100g
Nutritional yeast£ 2.50100g
Peter’s Morning Muesli£ 0.50100g
Pink Himalayan Salt – Coarse£ 0.81100g
Pink Himalayan Salt – Fine£ 0.81100g
Sea Salt£ 0.21100g