Tier 4 – Christmas orders

We know a lot of people’s plans have had to change, and that’s upsetting all round. But please don’t cancel your Christmas meat and fish orders.

To prepare for your Christmas orders, animals have been raised, meat has been hung, fish has been smoked. This takes long time to plan and of a lot of money has been invested by Holly Farm butchers and Veaseys fishmongers.

Cancelling now is not only a potentially ruinous financial issue, but also a moral one. At worst these animals will go to waste.

This is the reality of the food system. In supermarkets this would be hidden from the public, but the end result to the farms would be the same.

The same applies to orders from other stalls. Our producers have been working very hard to prepare your goodies for you.

If you are isolating and can’t get to the market to collect your orders, we can put you in touch with a local group who could deliver shopping to those in need.

Thank you for your continued support to our small farms and producers and our efforts to provide you with quality, locally sourced food.

What can you do?

VEASEYS FISH: All their products can be frozen. For the live shellfish, cook it first, then freeze. Smoked fish lasts longer than fresh in the fridge.

HOLLY FARM MEAT: There will be an extra butcher on the stall on Christmas Eve, so if you need your turkey or larger joint broken down to smaller pieces, they can do that for you.  Stick what’s not needed on xmas day in the freezer.

TRY YOUR HAND AT BUTCHERY: https://www.farmison.com/community/blog/how-to-butcher-your-own-turkey-and-prevent-food-waste-this-christmas

LEFTOVERS: Get creative with recipes and make tasty things with the extra.  Know a great recipe? Tag us on a tweet @cpfoodmarket or on Insta @crystalpalacefoodmarket and we’ll share your post.

SHARE YOUR ORDER: Maybe a friend wants to split the order with you?  There’s already one person on CP Local asking if someone wants to go halves.

SHARE THE LOVE: Maybe your neighbour would appreciate a piece for their own supper?  We have been told about a potential local Christmas charity meal – if this goes ahead they might welcome donations.  We’ll post when we hear more on that.