Veasey’s news

Congratulations to the wonderful Veasey’s for their win in the Farm Shop and Deli Awards 2016.    

Fish news from Dan, “Great news our Smoke house is finally up and running! We’ve been smoking mackerel, local rainbowVeaseys: SeafoodSeafood trout and salmon. We are using all-natural oak chips and apple wood from Brambletye Fruit Farm, using different brining methods and marinades. This week we’ve got salmon glazed with maple syrup & black pepper,  as well as a honey, orange & Scottish Whiskey glaze.  On the fishing front we are seeing all our Spring fish in now such as black bream and cuttlefish. Do place pre-orders for the cuttlefish in advance as we wont bring many up as they are just so messy!

Some of what will be on the slab:  From Veasey’s smokehouse: hot smoked salmon: £2.65 per 100g & whole smoked mackerel: £4.50 each.  Fresh:  Sussex cod fillet: £17.50 per kg – Brighton black bream: £15.95 per kg – South Coast sea bass: £18.95 per kg – sea bass fillets: £2.95 per 100g – sushi quality yellow fin, line caught tuna: £3.30 per 100g – Rye Bay scallops: £4.20 per 100g

Check out their website here and check out their boat here and recipes here.  Orders can be taken over email [email protected] by phone 01342 822906, via dm on twitter @fishmongersFR or even by Royal Mail.