Guest Sardinian cheese, pasta, cured meat & more – Capo Caccia.

Antonio is joining us with “Organic pecorino cheese (black pepper, saffron, young, semimatured and aged one), selection of 3 goat cheeses (different age and texture) and cow’s milk
cheese, like the “Peretta”, Pear-shape, 20 days matured cheese made in the same
way of mozzarella.  

Gluten and lactose free salami & cured meat: wild boar, fennel, marinated in
red and white wine, spicy and myrtle salami; pork loin “Mustela”,Lardo (back
fat), Dried Mullet Roe, “Bottarga”.  

Flat and crispy Sardinian Bread “Pane Carasau”.  

2014-08-30-14.32.30-845x684 Pasta-GenericSelection of 3 traditional Sardinian Pasta: Malloreddus (small gnocchi), Natalis
(large shape), Fregola (soup pasta).”