Roots & Cycles: Sandwich wrappers made with recycled materials

Anna from The Store Cupboard says “Our mission at The Store Cupboard – beside of selling affordable and delicious organic products – is to reduce plastic waste. Bring your own container (we take any jar, bag or box) and get 5 pence off per item. Unfortunately we can’t always prevent our stock arriving in plastic bags – but we give them to Cosmo from Roots & Cycles who recycles them into beautiful sandwich wrappings (see pic above) and you can buy them in the walkthrough.  So you can save using plastic wrappings at your next picnic or lunch-break. Hooray! We’re looking forward to seeing  you on Saturday, get your containers ready!” Follow The Store Cupboard on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

Bamboo reusable coffee cup from Roots & Cycles


Roots and Cycles also sells reusable bamboo coffee cups to help with the #stopthe100billion campaign alongside his eco household products.  Plastic lids just add to plastic landfill and leach into the coffee as you drink it!


Brambletye: Packing gooseberries

And this week Stein posted on the Brambletye facebook page, ”  Plastic…  So here’s a thought Ellie (Stein’s other half) had, “to make our business plastic free”.  So let’s make a start.  The impact on our business will be huge as it is on our world, plastic does have some extremely useful applications.  The first change is no more plastic punnets, we will use paper pulp punnets instead.  The next packaging that gets the chop is plastic bags and bottles creating the biggest challenges as I don’t have a solution yet and we are two weeks away from the new season.  Let’s start small.”