Your smokery needs you!

Here’s a message from London Smoke & Cure’s Ross

“Hello everyone.

As you know, we love serving you! We have such fun doing what we do, seeking to provide ever greater quality across a wide range of products, meeting and greeting you at london’s best food market. 

We’ve been talking recently to a number of businesses that have had to close their doors and, on asking their advice, they all said “don’t be afraid to ask for help”, so here we are, asking for a bit of help. In business, things move slowly until they move quickly, and with astronomical price increases across energy, product and packaging, along with the understandable tightening of belts, we (along with thousands of other small businesses up and down the country) are facing unprecedented headwinds which have led to cashflow challenges. We have found ourselves at a crunch point, so it’s time to open up to you all. 

We’ve been thinking about what we do best, and how we can carry on doing it. We would love to continue building a food brand that values quality, sustainability and livelihoods in a way which few others are doing in this field, but that will only be possible if we can get through this rough patch. We have been trimming what costs we can while maintaining the quality we know you value, and working on increasing our customer base. The fundamentals that underpin London Smoke & Cure are very encouraging: it’s a profitable business at its core, with some really exciting customers joining us, a new website launching soon, and a more strategic approach to marketing that should see us compete much more effectively.  

This isn’t the first unprecedented situation we’ve found ourselves in, and as the pandemic hit exactly three years ago and our future looked bleak, we were so grateful that our wonderful customers rallied around in support. So once again we are looking for your help to get us through the next couple of months. If you’d like to help, this is how:  

Buy something special for yourself, your friends or family. Down at the stall, or you can place an online pre-order for Easter, as we’re only a few weeks away. Here’s a natty code you can use on almost every product in our list: EASTER23  (

Buy your friend a Smoke School workshop experience, or a 6-month charcuterie or bacon subscription. They’ll love you even more.

Looking for a date night with a difference? Come and join us at one of our events coming up this month in South London.

Spread the word about what we do by telling your friends, or forwarding the above code to share the quality goods you know us for. 

Write some great google reviews (we’re using these in our new website that should be coming online shortly).

Any of these would be much appreciated and would make a big difference to a small business. So thanks for reading this far, and for any help you can give. In return, we are doing all we can to continue production of all your fantastic favourites. Once we get over this immediate hurdle the future is full of promise. We’ve come so far on this journey and we hope that you will continue to walk this path with us.

And on to what’s on stall this week, well Lee writes: 
This week I want to draw attention to an English, Raw, ewe’s milk cheese called Spenwood. This cheese has two very interesting sides… when it’s about 6 months old it has a beautiful complex nutty flavour that when paired with the London Smoke and Cure Coppa on an ale cracker is just Devine… but once it gets to about nine months it becomes more piquant and crumbly making it much more like an aged pecorino… at this point try grating it into pasta or into a risotto… come and grab some this Saturday… it’s a very special cheese.
Thanks everyone. We look forward to seeing you down there.
Best wishes,
Ross xxx”